Project Atomic is now sunset

The Atomic Host platform is now replaced by CoreOS. Users of Atomic Host are encouraged to join the CoreOS community on the Fedora CoreOS communication channels.

The documentation contained below and throughout this site has been retained for historical purposes, but can no longer be guaranteed to be accurate.

Articles from Giuseppe Scrivano

Introduction to System Containers

As part of our effort to reduce the number of packages that are shipped with the Atomic Host image, we faced the problem of how to containerize services that are needed before Docker itself is running. The result: system containers, a way to run containers in production using read only images.

System containers use different technologies such as OSTree for the storage, Skopeo to pull images from a registry, runC to run the containers and systemd to manage their life cycle.

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Unprivileged containers with bwrap-oci and bubblewrap

The introduction of user namespaces in the Linux kernel has opened the doors to running containers as default user logins via e.g. ssh or desktop. On Fedora, bwrap-oci lets you make use of this feature, as I will demonstrate.

The concept behind user namespaces is quite simple: UIDs and GIDs in a user namespace are converted to a different set in the parent namespace, so that an application thinks it’s executed as root while instead a non-privileged user is running it. User namespaces are not limited to altering an application’s UID/GID mappings, a user can keep capabilities in the new namespace and together with other namespaces perform privileged operations there that are unprivileged in the parent namespace. For example, an application with a new network namespace can create firewall rules that only affect its namespace. This offers extra security since the container is limited to the user that is running it, so even if something goes wrong the process has no more privileges than the user who runs it (unless things go very wrong!).

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User namespaces support in Podman

We recently added support for user namespaces to Podman. This has some major benefits for security and added flexibility when running containers. It allows processes to have privileges inside of the container, but no privileges if they escape the container.

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