Project Atomic is now sunset

The Atomic Host platform is now replaced by CoreOS. Users of Atomic Host are encouraged to join the CoreOS community on the Fedora CoreOS communication channels.

The documentation contained below and throughout this site has been retained for historical purposes, but can no longer be guaranteed to be accurate.

Project Atomic in Google Summer of Code 2016

This year Project Atomic is participating in Google Summer of Code 2016 as part of the Fedora Project. If you are a student, or know a student, please consider submitting proposals once GSoC opens.

Specific projects we are accepting proposals in include:

Contacts and Mentors

The administrator for Project Atomic GSOC projects is Josh Berkus. Contact Josh if you have questions about making a GSOC proposal, or better ask questions on the Atomic-Devel mailing list or on the #atomic or #fedora-cloud IRC channels on

Mentors are:

  • Giuseppe Scriviano
  • Colin Walters
  • Matthew Barnes

Project Ideas

What follows are a ideas for student projects around Atomic. Please do not restrict yourself to these ideas; if there is something you want to build with containers and Atomic, then propose it! Additional details of these ideas is available on the Fedora GSOC 2016 wiki page.

RPM-OSTree and Fedora Atomic Host

Applying to Project Atomic GSOC

Atomic GSOC is part of Fedora GSOC 2016. As such, please submit your proposal to the Fedora Project in GSOC, and indicate clearly in the description that you have a Project Atomic proposal by adding this text at the top:

Proposed for Project Atomic

We’ll take it from there. Be sure to look for comments and requests for clarification on your proposal.