Project Atomic is now sunset

The Atomic Host platform is now replaced by CoreOS. Users of Atomic Host are encouraged to join the CoreOS community on the Fedora CoreOS communication channels.

The documentation contained below and throughout this site has been retained for historical purposes, but can no longer be guaranteed to be accurate.

Project News

Fedora 27 Atomic Host April 20th Release

Fedora Atomic Host Version 27.122 update is available via an OSTree update:

  • Commit(x86_64): 931ebb3941fc49af706ac5a90ad3b5a493be4ae35e85721dabbfd966b1ecbf99
  • Commit(aarch64): 837cd0c5e3a5656316ebf6142315ac107c8592d5c8d64a02e8a62919eee9f46f
  • Commit(ppc64le): a1f565d73f1f1b6f6d7ef992251f21a704c4a8de40c41fc62be69c5ec2a65329

We apologize for the delay in getting this release out the door. As a bonus for the wait we have AMIs that are available in additional regions (ap-northeast-2, ap-south-1). We’ll be adding additional regions (the remaining missing regions) next release.

Additionally, this will most likely be our last release of Fedora 27 Atomic Host. Very soon Fedora 28 will be released and we will be picking up with our releases in the Fedora 28 stream. We will have plenty of announcements and content around Fedora 28 release time so watch this space for that!

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Buildah Alpha version 0.16 Release Announcement

Buildah Alpha version 0.16 Release Announcement

We’re pleased to announce the release of Buildah Alpha version 0.16 which is now available from GitHub for any Linux distro. We will be shipping this release on Fedora, CentOS and Ubuntu in the near future.

The Buildah project has continued to grow over the past several weeks, welcoming several new contributors to the mix, launching new functionality and creating a number of improvements and bug fixes.

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Open Source, What a Concept!

I recently joined Red Hat after many years working for another tech company whose three character symbol most would recognize, but I won’t name. While there, I developed a number of different software products that were all very successful in their spaces, but all very proprietary. Not only were we legally compelled to not share the software outside of the company, we often times didn’t share it within the company. To me at the time, that made complete sense. The company spent the time, energy and budget on developing the software, so they should then protect and then claim the rewards that were garnered for it.

Fast forward to a year ago when I joined Red Hat, and developed a completely different mindset. One of the first things I jumped into was the Buildah project. It facilitates building Open Container Initiative (OCI) images and it is especially good at allowing you to tailor the size of the image that is created. At that time Buildah was in its very early stages and there were some warts here and there that weren’t quite production ready.

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Fedora 27 Atomic Host March 28th Release

Fedora Atomic Host Version 27.105 update is available via an OSTree update:

  • Commit(x86_64): c4015063c00515ddbbaa4c484573d38376db270b09adb22a4859faa0a39d5d93
  • Commit(aarch64): 69bd8187bb519483f275dc1456434cc18eec961ab53d965fd50516865ded3c25
  • Commit(ppc64le): ae9104933a70342d2b2b08c8ff9f07f2e883b6e18abf2b06c6a3e7be3685af66

In this week’s release of Fedora Atomic Host we have a new release of cockpit.

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