Welcome to Fedora CoreOS

Earlier this year Red Hat acquired CoreOS, Inc.. In the past few months we have been working hard to evaluate the different technologies in the CoreOS Container Linux and Project Atomic spaces. Since Container Linux and Atomic Host overlap in functionality quite a bit we have decided to merge future development of the two projects so that we can combine our efforts and bring two great communities of people together to solve future challenges in the transactional update and container operating system landscape.

What does this mean for Atomic Host?

The last major release of Fedora Atomic Host will most likely be Fedora 29 Atomic Host. After Fedora 29 we’ll recommend you use Fedora CoreOS for any deployments. The use cases for Fedora CoreOS should overlap with the existing use cases for Atomic Host, but there may be some use cases that are left behind as we narrow our focus. Hopefully disruptions will be minimal.

What will happen to the Project Atomic community channels?

The mailing lists, IRC channels, and GitHub organization will mostly be retired once the last releases are End Of Life. Please join us on the new community spaces (more details below)!

Where can I learn more about Fedora CoreOS and get involved?

For future blog posts around containers, please refer to the new website that is currently under active development.

We’re excited to have the existing Container Linux and Atomic Host communities working together and we hope you’ll join us in making Fedora CoreOS a success.