Welcome to Red Hat CoreOS

When Red Hat acquired CoreOS, you asked what will become of Project Atomic or Container Linux. Today at Red Hat Summit, we’re sharing more details around the acquisition. Customers and community users will benefit from the plans around Tectonic and OpenShift, Container Linux and Atomic Host, as well as Quay.

Our other popular community projects such as Buildah, Cockpit, and Skopeo continue as usual. Fedora Atomic Workstation already announced that it is now a Fedora initiative with the codename Team Silverblue, continuing to improve an image-based Fedora Workstation as well as potentially adding GUI tools for pet containers. If you happen to be at Red Hat Summit, check out the Atomic BoF session where you can ask questions and tell us which features you would like to see in the future. Read more about our shared vision for the future at the CoreOS blog.