We’re pleased to announce the release of Buildah Alpha version 0.12 on both Fedora 26 and Fedora 27. As always, the latest Buildah can also be acquired from GitHub for any other Linux distribution.

The Buildah project has been building some steam over the past several weeks, welcoming several new contributors to the mix, launching new functionality and creating a number of improvements and bug fixes. The major highlights for this release are:

  • Added better handling of error messages for Unknown Dockerfile instructions.
  • Set the default certificate directory to /etc/containers/certs.d.
  • Vendored in the latest containers/image and containers/Storage packages.
  • The build-using-dockerfile (bud) command now sets the images ‘author’ field to the value provided by MAINTAINER in the Dockerfile.
  • Return exit code 1 when 'buildah rmi’ fails.
  • Improve lookups of a variety of image name formats.
  • Adds the –format and –filter parameters to the 'buildah containers’ command.
  • Adds the –prune,-p option to the 'buidah rmi’ command allowing dangling images to be pruned.
  • Adds the –authfile parameter to the 'buildah commit’ command.
  • Fix the –runtime-flag for the 'buildah run’ and 'buildah bud’ commands when global flags are used.
  • The format parameter now overrides the quiet parameter for 'buildah images’.
  • Provide authentication parameters to the build-using-docker-file (bud) command.
  • Directory permissions are no longer overwritten when using the –chown parameter.
  • HTML character output to the terminal is no longer escaped.
  • The container name is now always set to the image’s name.
  • The username or password are prompted for if they are not supplied with the –creds parameter.
  • Return a better error message when bad credentials are used to pull a private image.
  • Plus several small bug fixes.

If you haven’t yet, install Buildah from the Fedora repository and give it a spin. We’re betting you’ll find it’s an easy and quick way to build containers in your environment without a daemon being involved!

If you haven’t joined our community yet, don’t wait any longer! Come join us in GitHub, where Open Source communities live.

Buildah == Simplicity