There’s been a lot of activity on the CRI-O container runtime project, as well as on their new blog. The big news is the release of the CRI-O 1.0 beta, of course.

Let me summarize the rest for the sake of those catching up with the project.

Dan Walsh’s team is hard at work packaging CRI-O and skopeo for multiple platforms. This includes RPMs and containers for Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and SuSE. Mrunal Patel summarized the goals of the CRI-O project.

Walsh then announced support for signed container images in CRI-O. Three days later, Patel announced that CRI-O now supports configuring Docker storage volumes, and Antonio Murdaca explained how CRI-O handles default registries.

It’s been a super-busy week in the CRI-O project, and we can expect the activity to continue through the eventual 1.0 release.