Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 143.

Software Updates page for package based operating systems

There is a new Software Updates page for classic dnf/yum/apt based systems, to complement the already existing one for OSTree on Atomic. This uses the PackageKit API for platform independence. This feature is shipped in the new cockpit-packagekit sub-package.

See it in action:

Inline VNC consoles

The inline VNC console advertised in Cockpit 142 was not actually working from the released cockpit-machine package due to a packaging problem. Cockpit 143 corrects this problem. Thanks to Marek Libra!

Kubernetes RBAC authorization support

The Kubernetes page can now be used to log into Kubernetes installations that use RBAC authorization.

RPM packages for IBM Z systems

The cockpit-docker RPM package is now being built on the s390x (IBM Z Systems) architecture, as the Fedora Docker package is available there. (#1462113)

Try it out

Cockpit 143 is available now: