Cockpit’s build 125 has been released.

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 123, 124 and 125.

Cockpit is now properly translatable

Cockpit is now properly translatable. It was a big task to extract all the translatable strings and make translations work consistently between the browser and installed tools like the bridge.

We now start also run the login user session with a proper locale and LANG environment variables.

You can help translate cockpit in Zanata, or if you find text in the front end that isn’t translatable, then please do report it.


Display OSTree signatures

Peter implement displaying OSTree tree signatures. You can tell where a certain update tree came from and who signed it.

New expandable views for storage partitions

Marius implemented expandable views in the Storage pages. These let you dive into the details of a particular partition without having to navigate away from the page describing where it lives.

Other storage fixes

Marius did work to fix many other storage related bugs. In particular Cockpit now deals properly with passphrases stored for LUKS encrypted devices, and also no longer offers to format read-only block devices.

Full testing on RHEL 7.3, Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 8 Jessie

The Cockpit project started testing on Cockpit on RHEL 7.3, Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 8 Jessie along the operating systems we tested earlier. These will be part of our usual continuous integration, where we boot thousands or tens of thousands of instances per day to test changes and contributions.

Marius fixed many bugs we found, and filed operating system bugs in the issue trackers for those operating systems.

You can see the which operating systems we test Cockpit on:

There’s no Debian Jessie repository yet, but hopefully we can have that ready as time permits.

System shutdown can be scheduled by date

Fridolin did work a long time ago, so that users could select a specific date and time to schedule a shutdown or reboot of the system. Stef finished that work added tests and it’s now in Cockpit.

Properly terminate user sessions on the Accounts page

The Accounts page now properly terminates user sessions when the Terminate Session button is clicked. We use the correct systemd loginctl commands.

Get it

You can get Cockpit here.

Cockpit 125 is available in Fedora 25.

Or download the tarball.