Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. There’s a new release every week. Here are the highlights from this weeks 0.102 release.

Docker Restart Policy

When running a Docker container in Cockpit, you can now set the restart policy, so when the docker daemon restarts the containers will be restarted too. Justin Robertson contributed this feature. Take a look.

Single Dialog for Creating Logical Volumes

The storage interface in Cockpit now has a single combined dialog when creating logical volumes. This is a first tiny step towards advanced LVM2 features such as RAID layouts and caches. The dialog will get more fields and more interesting behavior as we implement more of the features offered by LVM2, such as the various RAID levels, as indicated by the hidden options for the Purpose and Layout fields.

Single dialog for logical volumes

Storage Interface Now Available on Debian

The storage interface in Cockpit has been enabled and built on Debian. The storaged API is now available on Debian too.

Don’t Distribute jshint Due to License

We stopped distributing jshint or requiring it as a build dependency due to its controversial license.

Try It Out

Cockpit 0.102 is available now: