We’ve now released 0.4.3 of Atomic App!

This will probably be our last release before 1.0.0.

With this release, we’ve re-factored our logging formatter making it easier to decipher between information, debug, warnings, and errors.


You are also able to now specify the logging format you’d like to output via the command line:

  --logtype {cockpit,color,nocolor,none}
                        Override the default logging output. The options are:
                        nocolor: we will only log to stdout; color: log to
                        stdout with color; cockpit: used with cockpit
                        integration; none: atomicapp will disable any logging.
                        If nothing is set and logging to file then 'nocolor'
                        by default. If nothing is set and logging to tty then
                        'color' by default.

The main changes to atomicapp in this week’s release are:


  • A new logging mechanism that outputs color-coordinated logging messages
  • Added CLI commands for color, nocolor, cockpit and ‘none’ output


  • Failure on finding no artifacts


  • README.md / doc updates

Atomic App

Many thanks for everyone who committed to this release!

As we continue to push towards a 1.0.0 release, we highly appreciate any comments or contributions to the Atomic App repo. If you have any questions about Atomic App or Nulecule, visit the #nulecule channel on Freenode or ask on the container-tools mailing list.