We’ve now released 0.4.2 of Atomic App!

As we get closer to 1.0.0, we are focusing on testing and bug fixes before our grand release.

The changes to atomicapp in this week’s release are:


  • Meta data is now an optional requirement when building Nuleculized applications

User Interaction:

  • Relative paths are now supported for provider configuration data
  • Raise on missing artifact folders or files
  • Raise on failure of Docker image retrieval

Bug Fixes:

  • Label fixes for atomic cli interaction


  • Unneeded Dockerfiles and redundant licenses removed from testing suite
  • All references to install have now been removed in favor of fetch

Atomic App

Many thanks for everyone who committed to this release!

As we continue to push towards a 1.0.0 release, we highly appreciate any comments or contributions to the Atomic App repo. If you have any questions about Atomic App or Nulecule, visit the #nulecule channel on Freenode or ask on the container-tools mailing list.