A fast release since 0.3.1, we’ve now released 0.4.0 of Atomic App!

Our biggest change is the renaming of atomicapp install to atomicapp fetch.

In order to fetch the container from the atomic cli, you are required to use the run command and pass the --mode=fetch parameters.

  atomic run projectatomic/myapp --mode=fetch --destination ./

Within atomicapp you may simply use fetch.

  atomicapp fetch projectatomic/myapp --destination ./

The main features of this release are:

  • Renaming install to fetch
  • Enabling users to pass an answers file as a URL atomicapp run projectatomic/atomicapp -a https://foobar.com/answers.conf

Atomic App

Many thanks for everyone who committed to this release!

As we continue to push towards a 1.0.0 release, we highly appreciate any comments or contributions to the Atomic App repo. If you have any questions about Atomic App or Nulecule, visit the #nulecule channel on Freenode or ask on the container-tools mailing list.