Earlier this week we released version 0.2.2 of Atomic App. The first update since our major refactor in 0.2.1.

The release of 0.2.1 introduced a major refactor of our code base as well as numerous new features to Atomic App. Such as:

  • No more exporting to the current working directory when using run or install of Atomic App.
  • Installs are extracted to /var/lib/atomicapp by default.
  • JSON pointer xpathing for artifact resources.

With 0.2.2 we fix numerous bugs as well as introduce some dependency changes to our Atomic App Dockerfiles.

As we continue to push towards a 1.0.0 release we highly appreciate any comments or contributions to the Atomic App repo. If you have any questions about Atomic App or Nulecule, visit the #nulecule channel on Freenode or ask on the container-tools mailing list.