Next week, on Tuesday, September 22nd, the Fedora Cloud and CentOS Atomic special interest groups will be dabbling in test day fusion to put each projects’ Atomic Host Images through their paces.

On the Fedora side, we’ll be testing images based on the upcoming Fedora 23. On the CentOS side, we’ll test images from our latest release, as well as one or more development images featuring newer components atop the CentOS 7 base.

Tests will range from basic sanity checking and deployment on different host targets to testing cluster configuration and functionality. If there are particular areas you’d like to see tested, reach out to us on the atomic-devel mailing list.

Information about tests and media for the test day can be found on the Fedora and the CentOS wikis.

On test day, we’ll be hanging out on freenode irc in #atomic. Drop by to help test, or ask questions about Atomic.