If you’ve been hoping for a bare-metal version of a Fedora Atomic host, there’s good news! I’ve finally gotten time to work on Fedora/Atomic more, and have created a functional installer ISO based on Fedora Rawhide.

You can grab the ISO from http://rpm-ostree.cloud.fedoraproject.org/project-atomic/install/rawhide/20140708.0/.

Unlike the other images we’ve produced for Atomic proof-of-concepts, this is designed to be installed on bare metal. None of the trees contain cloud-init, but this will install directly using Anacona to bare metal.

It contains a cache of the tree content inside it, similar to how the Fedora DVD includes many packages, and the Fedora LiveCD just copies itself.

To Receive Updates

To get updates after installation, you’ll need to run a few commands:

# ostree remote add fedora-atomic http://rpm-ostree.cloud.fedoraproject.org/repo
# atomic rebase fedora-atomic:

Let me explain those two commands a bit more. The first adds a new remote with the location of the current (hopefully temporary) OSTree repository. (For more information on the temporary part, see: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/infrastructure/2014-June/014447.html.

Now the second command is effectively shorthand for:

atomic rebase fedora-atomic:fedora-atomic/rawhide/x86_64/server/docker-host

Basically that way you don’t have to retype the branch name. It’s shorthand, because you could also rebase to one of the other available trees (such as server/virt-host).

An important next step here is going to be integrating cloud init by default so that we can use the same tree on both baremetal and cloud. (Unlike mainline where cloud-init is a package only installed on the cloud images by default; we can’t do that without ~doubling the number of trees right now).

If you have feedback, questions, or ideas on improving the Atomic host, please join the atomic-devel mailing list, ask over on ask.projectatomic.io, or leave a comment here. This is still a work in progress, and we’re looking forward to your feedback!