Yesterday at DockerCon, the Docker folks announced the 1.0 release along with a number of other interesting announcements. To make sure that the Atomic community has the latest and greatest tools to work with, we’ve rolled up a new image based on Fedora 20 with Docker 1.0 and a number of other updates.

Note that some of the packages in this image come from updates-testing or Copr builds. A big thanks to Jason Brooks for managing the builds and the Copr packages!

What’s New

In addition to Docker 1.0 (see the official Docker post on that), the latest release of the Atomic proof-of-concept image includes:

  • Cockpit 0.9
    • Cockpit no longer needs SELinux disabled
    • Cockpit runs mostly unprivileged now
    • Cockpit listens on port 1001
  • Updated GearD
  • Additional packages to make working with the image easier (e.g. GNU Screen)

See also Stef Walter’s post on Cockpit. A number of other packages have also been updated. If you’re already testing Atomic, you can update to the latest with rpm-ostree upgrade and then systemctl reboot.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can grab the newest images for KVM 20140609.qcow2.xz or VirtualBox 20140609.vdi.bz2. Be sure to check out the Get Started with Atomic page as well.

Have questions? Come find us on Freenode in the #atomic channel, or ask questions on